Every quarter we do a brief recap of the top products recently released by Boss Audio both to keep you in the loop as well as offer options for those difficult people on your gift lists.  Now that we’re in the last few months of the year it’s time to take a look at the latest products from Boss Audio. 

Let’s jump right into it.

Rear View License Plate Mount Camera
Boss Audio LPCB40


This affordable high resolution color camera is weather proof with a wide angel view.   The mount uses your existing license plate mounting screws and is hidden behind the plate itself.  Output is NTSC and there’s a helpful on-screen display distance guide.

This is another reliable Boss Audio product that provides solid tech for a fair price.  Installation is fairly simple and feedback so far has been positive.

Mech-Less Multimedia Player with Bluetooth
Boss Audio 470BRGB

For those who no longer utilize CD/DVD formatted media, this player is a smart choice.   It’s mech-less (no moving parts) and does not have a CD or a DVD player, which is an advantage when it comes to pricing.  Like other Boss Audio players in this line, it has a wireless remote, multi-color illumination options, and is Bluetooth Compatible.

This double din player offers a bit more that just a great price.  The Boss Audio 470BRGB has front and rear pre-amp outputs as well as USB, Aux, and Input options.  60 watts x 4 max power, USB charging, and preset built-in EQ make this a solid purchase for an aftermarket upgrade to an older car.  It’s compatible with audio out from smartphones and MP3 players and plays Bluetooth/USB, MP3, WMA, FM/AM, and digital media.

CD/MP3 Player with Bluetooth
Boss Audio 810BRGB

Let’s start with the basics.  This is a double din CD/MP3 player with 80 Watts x 4 max power, preset built-in EQ, Bluetooth compatible, and with front, rear, & sub pre-amp outputs.  It has balance, fader, bass. and treble controls along with a wireless remote.

There are a few bells and whistles that add to the player, including multi-color illumination options, a USB charger, and wireless control of music and apps like Spotify & Pandora.   It plays CD, MP3, WMA, FM/AM, and digital media from smart phones via Bluetooth.

Overall this is a workhorse that will give you flexibility in your input (USB, Aux, Input) source as well as allow you a wide range of formats to play.

That rounds out our list of a few of the latest products from Boss Audio.  Please comment below if you’ve purchased any of the above or have any questions about the new items hitting the shelves.

Boss Rebel Power Sports REFLEX Audio System | A new UTV overhead modular sound system

Boss Rebel Power Sports introduces a new UTV overhead modular sound system called the REFLEX Audio system. Available in 2 sizes 40” and 46” with an articulating bracket system that will fit any Roll-cage configuration. The REFLEX is an expandable 5 speaker Audio system that can run multiple units in sequence from one Bluetooth controller. Powered by a ultra-compact extremely efficient Class-D (Digital) amplifier pushing four high output 6.5” speakers and one supper efficient 8” subwoofer. The Boss Rebel Power Sports REFLEX UTV Sound System retails for $720, and will soon be available at BossAudio.com


Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box Boss Rebel ATVB69LED. Price: $399. Contact: (800) 999-1236.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box
Boss Rebel ATVB69LED. Price: $399. Contact: (800) 999-1236.

Over the Summer we have been putting a new Boss Audio Systems Rebel Powersports Super ATV Unit Part # ATVB69LED to the test. This is the most feature filled ATV specific product we have seen. Not only is it equipped with two, 6X9” Marinized woofers and a pair of equally as waterproof 1.5” tweeters, the speaker box has storage and an LED light bar included for a cost of $399.

The speaker box basically sits on your ATV’s front rack and is held in place by four nylon straps. You could also use a ratchet strap or tie down to hold the box on too. The top of the unit is flat and has molded guides that can hold all sorts of tie down’s rope or straps. So conceivably, you could install the box anywhere there is a power supply you can connect to. It’s not totally limited to use on an ATV.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box This wired control box can be mounted on your ATV’s handlebars or to the rack itself. You can control volume, pause or repeat tracks while going down the trail and not take your hands off the handlebars.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box
This wired control box can be mounted on your ATV’s handlebars or to the rack itself. You can control volume, pause or repeat tracks while going down the trail and not take your hands off the handlebars.

To power the unit, it simply plugs into your machines 12 volt power source. If you don’t have one or it’s occupied by another device, Boss supplies one that you can wire into your machines battery. Or you could just wire it direct. A small wired remote box is then attached to your handlebars or the rack itself. Bushings are supplied so the clamp will fit on any smaller size tubing. Total fitment an installation time for us was under 30 minutes.

The remote box uses Bluetooth technology, so you can stream music right from your phone or similar device to the ATV. The remote controls volume, skip and playback of whatever audio tracks you want to listen to. Turning on and off the LED light bar takes place here too. The unit does not play AM/FM radio unless of course you stream it from the internet.

There is a USB port you can use for charging your device but it cannot read files that might be on a thumb drive. Other then using Bluetooth, the only other way to play music is by using the 3.5mm aux-in jack next to the USB port. However a 3.5mm cable is not provided.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box Feel free to splash these 6X9 speakers as they can take it just as well as a speaker system you might find on a boat.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box
Feel free to splash these 6X9 speakers as they can take it just as well as a speaker system you might find on a boat.

While the unit looks like a big storage box, it’s actually mostly speaker space. The storage box itself in no larger than most on board ATV storage boxes. However the box is very convenient for carrying items like your cell phone, a MP3 Player, sun glasses, a spare set of goggles, gloves or snacks.

The LED Lightbar is rather large and probably bigger than what most people would choose to install on an ATV. With that said, it’s bright and works very well. Whether you are trying to light up a tricky trail or illuminated an entire camp site or work area, it will do it easy. We didn’t notice any extra power draw or music interruption when the light was turn on or off either.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box The beauty of this light bar, is that it doesn’t take up any additional space on your ATV.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box
The beauty of this light bar, is that it doesn’t take up any additional space on your ATV.

We spent most of our time listening to music during the test. Using a couple different phones we spent hours on the trial and in the garage enjoying what the Boss Rebel system was made for. Bluetooth connections were quick and easy and the sound we feel was great. The four speakers put out a good sound that we couldn’t find any complaints with. Parked or traveling 30 miles per hour with helmets on, the box sounded very good and loud enough.


Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box We like any opportunity for extra storage. This small compartment is convenient for all kinds of items.

In the comparison photos, you can see how much brighter the LED light bar on the Boss Rebel ATV sound system is over the quad’s stock lights on their highest setting.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box

Boss Audio LED light bar and no stock headlights.

Boss Audio Sound, Light And Storage Box

Stock lights with Hi-Beam on.

Overall we are very happy with the way the Boss Rebel ATVB69LED sound system worked and held up to our abuse. From using the storage box during work all day to riding the trails on a few hot summer nights and listening to music, the entire time, we loved how it worked. The Boss Rebel ended up being one of the most entertaining bolt ons we have ever used.

Boss Audio is always expanding their powersports audio offerings so check them out atwww.bossaudio.com or order directly at (800) 999-1236.

If you’re shopping around for the best motorcycle speakers and are unsure of what you need to get, then you have come to the right place. It is not always easy to pick the best ones simply because buying motorcycle speakers is different from buying speakers for your car or your truck.

Motorcycle speakers come in various models but the most popular ones are motorcycle handlebar speakers. Even in this category, there are different wattages to give you that great volume you need no matter how fast you’re riding your bike. There are a few things to consider when picking your speakers and this guide will help you through them.

Things to Consider When Choosing Motorcycle Speakers

  • Type of Speakers. You need to first decide whether you want motorcycle helmet speakers, Bluetooth motorcycle speakers, or motorcycle handlebar speakers. This is a personal choice and completely up to you but keep in mind that handlebar speakers are the most popular choice for bikers.
  • Wattage. Wattage is important because the higher the wattage, the more volume you get. If you simply drive around town on your bike, then lower wattage will be just fine. However, if you use your motorcycle on highways where it is noisier, then you will need a higher wattage to enjoy your music.
  • Additional Features. It’s ok to simply buy speakers that will give you great audio, but since you are taking the time to make your choice, look into the additional features that you can get as well. Do you want thumb controls for convenient access while driving? This is a great feature to help you avoid any distractions while driving. Bluetooth will help you avoid the cluttered wiring when installing your speakers. Do you want your new speakers to come equipped with a docking station for your phone, iPod, or your MP3 player so you can enjoy your personal music or simply charge your devices while on the go?
  • Input Source. You can either buy speakers that have a head unit for their input source, or choose ones that use a portable device such as an iPod or an MP3 player for input. In most cases, speakers and their head unit input source are sold together.
  • Waterproof or Water Resistant. Finally, if you choose water resistant speakers, they will be able to stand up against some light rain. But if you drive through wet weather conditions or leave your bike exposed outdoors, then you should go for waterproof.

Top 10 Motorcycle Speakers Complete Chart

Picture Name Waterproof Price Rating (1-5)
Picture Name Waterproof Price Rating (1-5)
1. Shark Spk6800-spks Motorcycle Atv Waterproof Marine Speakers Yes $ 4.8
2. BOSS Audio MC420B Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle/UTV Speaker Yes $$ 4.5
3. BOSS Audio MC470B Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle/UTV Speaker Yes $$$ 4.4
4. Shark Shkmsm2050k-black Motorcycle / Yacht 2 Speakers Yes $$ 4.3
5. BOSS Audio MC400 Motorcycle/UTV Speaker and Amplifier System Yes $ 4.1
6. BOSS Audio MC600B Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle/UTV Speaker Yes $$$ 4.1
7. PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts Motorcycle/ATV/ Snowmobile Mount Amplifier No $ 4.0
8. Shklxmt485 Motorcycle Aluminium Waterproof Wireless System Yes $$$ 3.9
9. BOSS Audio MC500 Motorcyle/UTV Amplifier Speaker system Yes $$ 3.8
10. Shkc6800 Chrome 1000 Watt 4 Ch Motorcycle Audio System No $$$$ 3.7

3 Best Motorcycle Speakers Reviews

1. Shark Spk6800-spks

These speakers, along with their rave reviews, are high quality speakers that come ready with mirror brackets for easy installation. They are 100% waterproof and are considered marine grade speakers which means they will even work when immersed in a swimming pool!

The speakers are 300 watts each which promises a great volume even at very high speeds while driving or even in noisy conditions. They can work with any amplifier that comes with an RCS connection. The dimensions are only 4×3 inches, which make them ideal even for smaller bikes. The texture of the product is rich chrome, which makes them nice to look at as well.

While they are very affordable, they have great options for your audio input and come with a handy user’s manual so you have no difficulty in installing them.

Buyers of this model found it extremely easy to install and above all, they completely enjoy the sound it gives. Riders and passengers can both hear the audio clearly even on high speed and noisy highways.

2. BOSS Audio MC420B

boss-rebel-motorcycle-speakersThis model is one of the best motorcycle speakers, and is another excellent choice. It is fully waterproof as well. The 3-inch chrome speakers come with adjustable stainless steel brackets. The manufacturer’s product details that the wattage on this one can reach a maximum of 600 watts so it works perfectly under all sorts of noise conditions. The model also comes with a waterproof volume control that is easy to use and save you from distraction.

While this model received pretty high reviews and many people enjoyed it immensely, there are a few cons to the reviews. Some people experienced a blow out of the 10 amp fuse at only 120 Watts so it is not the best choice for high speed driving or noisy conditions.

This motorcycle speaker worked really nicely for us even after hours of listening time, with no heating whatsoever. If you buy this model, you need to take extra care during installation so that you have it all wired up right so it works perfectly for you. Overall, these are quality speakers with really good audio performance. We highly recommend the BOSS Audio MC420B.

3. BOSS Audio MC470B

At only 5 pounds and with dimensions of 4×4.5×4 inches, this little device is just perfect to fit on your handlebar and has great options for audio input. It is also waterproof. All of the components of the MC470B have been sealed and coated to protect them from rain and from the natural damage of elements.

This device also comes with Bluetooth support which means you can pair it up with headphones or even another stereo system. The music is pretty loud and clear and works well even in noisy surroundings.

Buyers found the sound was pretty loud an clear even at speeds of 70 to 75 mph. Most people also appreciated the Bluetooth support because it gave them access to their own music hands free. However, some reviews stated that the wiring was all the same color which made installation a little bit tricky.

While most motorcycle riders are used to high amounts of noise while driving, having the best motorcycle speakers can mean a more enjoyable ride listening to your music. Finally, if you don’t have a windscreen on your bike, consider buying one to enhance the audio of your new speakers!

Oxnard CA. BOSS Audio Systems an industry leader in 12volt and consumer electronics since 1987 parent company to BOSS Rebel PowerSports inked a deal with Kawasaki Motor’s to sponsor BOSS Rebel PowerSports with 2 of Kawasaki’s hottest PowerSports vehicles. BOSS will feature the 2 vehicles in their 2015-2016 PowerSport marketing campaign and Show tour.

BOSS has a busy schedule planned for the TERYX4 LE Side X Side and BRUTE FORCE 4X4 ATV, after undergoing the BOSS treatment with full graphics, Suspension, Rims & Tires and an audio system that will knock your socks off they embark on a BOSS Rebel show tour as the featured vehicles in BOSS’S booth at the AIMExpo in Florida October 2015, SEMA in Las Vegas November 2015 and rapping up in Las Vegas at CES January 2016. Check out the progress and whereabouts on the two beasts @ www.bossaudio.com

The Kawasaki TERYX4 LE Side X Side and BRUTE FORCE 4X4 ATV will take center stage in a new Video Series BOSS is producing called “How to trick out a PowerSports Vehicle” with BOSS rebel PowerSports. The Series will be broken up into 2 segments, test room and Install. The series will emphasize the selling features and functionality of the BOSS REBEL product and overview the installation of the product. The goal of the series is to attract new dealer and reeducate current dealer in the BOSS Rebel network.

The partnership between Kawasaki and BOSS Rebel PowerSports is the perfect partnership since both companies are marketing to the same demographics and customer base.

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