Boss Audio 752UAB

Single-DIN CD/MP3 Player Detach Panel Bluetooth

  • 60 Watts x 4 Max Power, RDS Tuner, Balance/Fader/Bass/Treble and Preset built-in EQ
  • Plays CD/USB/SD, MP3, FM/AM and Smart Phones
  • Compatible with Audio out from Smartphones and MP3 Players
  • USB, SD, Aux, Inputs
  • Front & Rear Pre Amp Outputs
  • Detachable Panel, Wireless Remote, Bluetooth App Control
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Bluetooth Audio Streaming. Make and receive calls, play and control music and apps like Spotify/Pandora wirelessly
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Audio Streaming

Audio streaming [A2DP] is an audio protocol of Bluetooth technology. This profile allows for audio to be streamed wirelessly from your compatible device, such as a Smartphone, to the source unit so you can enjoy your favorite music or streaming music service such as Pandora or Spotify, wirelessly.

Aux Input

The Aux Input allows you to connect to the audio output of an external device such as an MP3 Player or Smartphone so you can enjoy your music through your system.


Allows our Bluetooth equipped source units to make wireless hands-free calls when paired with a Bluetooth equipped Smartphone. Communicate via the built in microphone on most of our units [or external microphone if provided] and listen thru your car’s speakers.

Built-in Preset EQ

The built-in, Preset EQ allows you to chose from preset EQ curves for a variety of music styles such as Rock or POP.

Detachable Front Panel

A built-in security feature designed to deter thieves, the detachable front panel allows you to remove the entire or, in some cases, a portion of the front control panel rendering the radio useless if stolen.


ESP [Electronic skip protection] is a feature that buffers the CD while playing, storing 5 seconds of music. If disc reading is interrupted, the player momentarily uses the stored data, while the tracking circuitry finds the passage prior to the interruption on the CD for continuous performance.


ID3 Tag allows the audio file to store and display additional data such as title, artist, album, track number and more.

Pre-Amp Output

This units Pre-Amp outputs let you expand your system by adding up to 2 amps and/or signal processors.

RDS Tuner

Radio Data System (RDS) provides information on the radio display such as the Call Name of the station, Programing format and allows a broadcaster to send up to a 64 character message that could scroll things like sports scores, song titles, artist or album names, traffic and news across your radio’s display.

SD Memory Card Port

The SD Memory Card port will support a full size SD memory card to 32 GB and can be used for music playback as well as photo and video viewing (on source units equipped with a monitor). Most units support full size SD cards but there are a few that only accept micro SD cards.

Switchable Tuner

The selectable tuner function allows you to adjust this radio’s tuner to receive radio broadcasts in either the US or Europe.

USB Port

The USB port will support a USB flash drive up to 32 GB and can be used for music playback as well as photo and video viewing (on source units equipped with a monitor). Some units have a mini USB input but come with the adapter to convert to be able to play full size USB drives.

Wireless App Control

Allows you full wireless control over a majority of the functions of this unit from your Android Smartphone via Bluetooth. Download the app from the Google Play Store.

Wireless Remote Control

A wireless remote control gives you commanding access to the key functions of your unit from the palm of your hand.

Media Playback

CD±R/RW Audio 
MP3 through


Bluetooth APP Control
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Bluetooth Hands-free
Bluetooth Supported Profiles

Inputs & Outputs

USB Port
Front panel
SD Port
Behind Face Panel
Front & Rear
Pre-Amp Outputs
Front & Rear

Performance & Controls

Total Power Output
240 Watts
(60 Watts x 4 Ch)
Last Position Memory
One Bit D/A Convertor
E.S.P. (Electronic Skip Protection)
Wireless Remote Control


Switchable Tuner Frequencies
RDS Tuner
Tuner Preset
18 FM / 12 AM
Selectable Preset EQ
ID3-Tag Information
Clock Display
Chassis Type
Detachable Front Panel

Mounting Measurement


Extra Features

Wireless App Control: You can wirelessly control the music that is playing on your receiver with your smartphone. The App is available for download on Google Play Store.
App to download is: Boss Audio Radio Control Stream

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From: Sherman Oaks


Pros :

  • Affordable
  • bluetooth
  • USB
  • AUX
  • CD
  • SD

Cons :

  • Big Learning Curve
  • Bad USB Search Function


(4.0 / 5)

Great buy, bit of a learning curve

Apr 03, 2016

This piece has everything! USB, Aux, Bluetooth, CD, SD Chip, Android Phone App - and at a reasonable price too! I bought this to replace a CD player I had for 10 years in my car that finally crapped out. The big bonus is the hands free bluetooth which connects automatically every time I get into the car. My biggest complaint is that there are some not so intuitive features which requires some time to read the manual to navigate properly. This can also be quite annoying (and dangerous) if you're playing with them while driving. I mostly found the built in search function for the USB sub-par... worse than my 10 year old stereo that I just replaced. I had hopped for the Android App that compliments the system to help with the navigation by being able to choose folders, but instead it just dumps the full list of MP3's on your phone instead. I have resorted to just keeping the USB playing on random instead of trying to search for specific folders on the USB.

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